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Service Bell System designs for  callers to call the  receiver end , located any where,  asking for service. By sending wireless signals emitted from the signal transmitter unit, the carrier of the tramsmitter & receiver can move cordlessly.

Widely used by restaurants in Japan, the products is mostly installed for enabling customers to call for waiters easily. It has now also developed into various models throughout years with different functions that suit different customers .

It is applicable for restaurants,bathing centers,hotels,guesthouses,ballroom,chess and card room,coffee houses,teahuses,hospital,resthomes and so on.


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manufacturing details:

    貨品型號:     Gapoli 傳呼系統
    種類:    服務呼叫器
    生產地 :     Shen Zhen, China
    開發及設計:     Hong Kong & Japan
    訂購型號:   標準型 限時型

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